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Interview with STAT/Boston Globe

Q&A: Lighting up the brain to understand the darkness of addiction


The Scientist – Scientist to Watch (watch lab members really)

10.5.17 Fantastic

Several people have pointed out our Sci Am article appearance in Captain Fantastic!  Fantastic!

captain fantastic

[screenshot: Eric Burguiere] [hands:  captain fantastic’s hands]



Steve’s paper featured in Neuronline.  Go team salt!


The dawn of Kyle’s sciencing.  With Rob Smith.

kyle young science



Graduate student Adam Crego was awarded an Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher award from the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement for Learning. Nice job!


4.8.17 Dartmouth Neuroscience Day 2017

Dartmouth welcomed Dr. Ann Graybiel, Kyle’s former PI, as a keynote speaker. Jeff, Fabian, and Alyssa presented posters of their work and Adam gave a talk on habits.





8.23.16 Conferencing

Smith lab all up in your face at SFN, Winter Brain, Pavlovian this year.  SFN posters:

720.06. Exploring a causal role for the dorsolateral striatum in action-reward contingency shifts.  A. C. CREGO, K. S. SMITH

720.05. Optogenetic stimulation of the dorsolateral striatum increases performance automaticity in cue-driven and response-driven tasks. F. ŠTOCEK, A. C. G. CREGO, A. G. MARCHUK, K. S. SMITH



Welcome Kenny & Alyssa to the lab!



Congrats to Adam for his Grad Poster award!

crego grad award pic



Some news pieces on the Chang et al. paper in EJN by the Daily Mail and Tech Times and ALN Mag.


10.25.15 First lab paper in press!  DREADDs, recordings, ventral pallidum, sign-tracking, the works.


8.25.15 The place to see and be seen: our SFN Posters

Sun, Oct 18, 4:00 – 5:00 PM
255.08/W36 – Disconnection of ventral pallidum and nucleus accumbens shell with DREADDs enhances sign-tracking in rats

Sun, Oct 18, 1:00 – 2:00 PM
255.09/W37 – Inhibiting ventral pallidum disrupts adaptive salt-seeking behavior in rats

Mon, Oct 19, 4:00 – 5:00 PM
444.08/BB90 – Shifting the neural compass: reversible optical disruption of the head direction signal In vivo

Wed, Oct 21, 1:00 – 5:00 PM
DP09.05/DP05 – Investigating the role of striatum in habits with optogenetics in a plus maze paradigm


7.7.15 To-Be-Doctors-in-Training

Kate on to UC Boulder.

Kenny on to UCLA.


2.29.15 Best Cake Ever

A happy lab birthday to Steve

chang candle nachos



Congrats to Kenny & Alex on successful theses defenses!


2.16.15 Crego a go go

Adam featured in the Dartmouth Community Newsletter


1.12.15 ORF

ORF Austrian public radio  interview on our work, and Swiss Radio piece, by Madeleine Amberger


12.30.14 Salt

Radio piece by Kelly Prime, credit to The Salt Institute



NPR guest appearance on habits (Kathleen Dunn show, Wisconsin).



Scientific American cover article on habits….all up in your business news stands.  Inside, Smith has been rendered into lovable cartoon form.



New article by Smith & Graybiel reviewing current trends in habit research, with some ideas about what brain activity tells us about how habits are constructed. This is in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience as part of a special forthcoming issue on “Neural circuits underlying emotion and motivation: Insights from optogenetics and pharmacogenetics” edited by Lobo & Ilango.



Story in Discover Magazine about recent study with Ann Graybiel



Dartmouth Now profile


7.29.13 Vid

Neuron article appeared in an issue and was accompanied by a “video abstract”, which was fun and an honor. Please to enjoy.



Kyle advises grandparents about habit breaking.



Wall Street Journal thingy about our recent work.


5.30.13 – New paper

Paper on chronic recordings of cortical and striatal habit sites, and blockade of habit acquisition, finally done and accepted @ Neuron. These experiments were a bear to conduct – over 6k recorded cells in the end. But worth it (I think?).

MIT news , R&D Mag , , ScienceDaily



MIT newsletter about some work with Dr. Ann Graybiel.


1.7.13 – Forbes.

To ring in the new year on a nice news note, the PNAS study was ranked #3 in the Forbes list of The Top 10 Brain Science and Psychology Stories of 2012.


10.30.12 – Turning habits off with light.

Study on optogenetics and habitual behavior is out in PNAS.  This one got a lot of media attention.  Some very nice independent pieces from MIT news (Anne Trafton), Discover (Ed Yong), Forbes (David DiSalvo), the National Institute of Mental Health, and the National Institutes of Health.

Also some others:  Scientific American (with audio) | Smithsonian | Psychology Today | Popular Science | Inc.  | PsychCentral | Science Daily | Daily Mail (UK) | Haaretz (Israel) | Globe and Mail (Canada) | South Asian Times | The Times of India | Medical News Today | Sci Tech Daily | e science news | ars technica


5.22.12 – Some coverage of prior work:

Smith et al. 2011:  WXYZ Detroit | MIT MIBR | Medical Express | Health Canal

Tindell et al. 2009: Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Smith & Berridge 2007: The Journal of Neuroscience | Science Daily | Discovery Channel | USA Today | Detroit Free Press| Denver Post | Houston Chronicle

Tindell et al. 2006:  Journal of Neurophysiology commentary (Wheeler & Carelli) | ScienceDaily | Medicalnewstoday