Kyle Smith, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College

Kyle holds a B.A. in Psychology (and a certificate in Business Management!) from Indiana University, and an M.S., and Ph.D. in Psychology (Biopsychology) from The University of Michigan.  His doctoral research was conducted with Dr. Kent Berridge (lab), as well as with Dr. J. Wayne Aldridge.  He conducted his postdoctoral research with Dr. Ann Graybiel (lab) at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at M.I.T.

Dartmouth courses taught:  Neuroscience of Reward; Neuroscience of Motivation, Drugs & Addiction; Systems Neuroscience.



Steve Chang, Ph.D.


Steve studies mechanisms of reward learning and memory and is an avid parking lot boater.  His doctoral research was at John’s Hopkins University with Dr. Peter Holland, where he focused on limbic substrates for Pavlovian reward learning and autoshaping/sign-tracking.  Before that, Steve was an undergraduate at The University of Michigan and worked with Dr. Kent Berridge on reward mechanisms.  Steve was awarded an NIH NRSA for his postdoctoral work.

Jeffrey Stott, Ph.D.


Jeff completed his dissertation with Dr. David Redish at the University of Minnesota.  Jeff was awarded an internal NIDA NRSA for his postdoctoral work.



Adam Crego, M.S.


Doctoral Student, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Adam’s research focuses on the neural basis of habits and actions.  Adam holds two B.S. degrees from Brown University (Neuroscience & Biology, with honors) and a M.S. degree in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins.  He has also studied neuroscience at Oxford University, conducted research in several labs on the biology of pain and Alzheimer’s disease, and taught courses on anatomy and physiology.

Elizabeth Smedley, B.S.


Doctoral Student, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Beth graduated summa cum laude from UNH with a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavior.  While at UNH, she studied thalamic nuclei and their influence in flexible goal-oriented behavior.

Kenneth Amaya, B.A.


Doctoral Student, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Kenny graduated in 2015 from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in Neuroscience with honors, and won the Nickerson award for his thesis. His research focuses on the neural circuits that underlie motivation and reward learning.  Kenny has an NSF fellowship.



Alex Brown, B.S.


Alex comes to us from Bates College where he majored in Neuroscience.



Fabian Stocek – Research assistant, Sophomore Science Scholar, Junior Research Scholar

Anirudh Udutha – Presidential Fellow

William Tackett – Junior Research Scholar

Oren Wilcox – Honors thesis

Jill Nehrbas

Jackie Perron Smith


Kate Stansfield research assistant and lab manager

Kate pic

Alyssa Dileo research assistant and lab manager


Undergraduate research assistants:  Alec Marchuk, Samuel Gardner, Vincent Chen, Elizabeth McNally, Ryan Hyon, James Dion, Fabian Stocek, Jackie Perron-Smith, Oren Wilcox